RUNNING WITH CROWS – The Life and Death of a Black and Tan

Have to reblog this one. Excellent video!


It is 1921. In Ireland a war of bloody reprisals wages between Republican volunteers and Royal Irish Constabulary. Outrages are perpetrated by both sides in this bitter struggle for an independent Ireland. Meanwhile, in Dublin’s Mountjoy Gaol, Constable William Mitchell awaits execution for the murder of magistrate Robert Dixon. Who is Mitchell? Did he really kill the magistrate? What dirty political manoeuvring makes his execution inevitable? And who is the sinister and brutal, square-jawed man, whose life runs in parallel to Mitchell’s and whose path briefly crosses his – with the most tragic consequences?

‘Running with Crows – The Life and Death of a Black and Tan’ is my latest fact-based novel which recounts the true and tragic, but hitherto untold story of this forgotten man – the only member of the British Crown Forces to have been hanged for murder during the Irish War of Independence. Why has no-one…

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